The family of the Argentine world champion Lionel Messi She remains dismayed after receiving an alleged drug threat in Rosario, her hometown, the most violent in the country.

Early on Thursday, several shots were fired at a Rosario supermarket owned by the family of Messi’s wife, Antonella Roccuzzoaccording to local reports.

The perpetrators of the shots left a message in which they referred to Messi himself and the mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin: «Messi, we are waiting for you. Javkin is a drug trafficker, he will not take care of you.»


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Messi and his family have not commented and the reason remains unclear. Later, Javkin criticized the various security forces that patrol Rosario for the lack of pursuit.

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, He said at an event that he was in contact with local authorities to find out what happened. «We are doing a lot, but obviously something more will have to be done. The problem of violence and organized crime is very serious,» she said.

Messi is considered a hero in Argentina, especially after the dramatic World Cup victory in December. More than four million Argentines celebrated the victory in the tournament in a caravan in Buenos Aires.

Earlier this week, Messi received FIFA’s most prestigious individual award for his performance at the 2022 World Cup. He and his family live in France, where they play for Paris Saint-Germain, but regularly visit Rosario, where they have relatives. and business.

moving letter

A 10-year-old Argentinian boy wrote a letter to Messi after receiving threats, in which he invited him to visit him in Colonel Dorregotown where he lives.

The letter was made from a cut piece of paper and began with an introduction: «Hello Messi, I’m Martín, I’m 10 years old,» he says.

«I was asking if you could come to Coronel Dorrego, it’s a quiet town, No one here is going to hurt or bother you,» the boy wrote.

And to finish, Martín made him a proposal: «I want to play soccer with your children.»

According to what the boy’s father told local media, the idea arose during a dinner as a result of hearing the news of the attack on the supermarket.


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