A new controversy plagues the transport sector with the issuance of Law 2283 of 2023, which establishes a series of prerogatives for the development of the activities of the Transit Support Organizations (OAT), especially the Automotive Education Centers (CEA). ) ). However, in article 6 of the rule, There is a new requirement for Automotive Diagnostic Centers (CDA) that changes their rules of the game.

In the law, Diagnostic Centers are obliged to grant, without extra charge, material damage insurance for private vehicles to those who carry out their mechanical technical inspection.

“Automotive Diagnostic Centers (CDA) must take, with an insured entity legally established in Colombia and with freedom of offer, a mandatory individual civil liability insurance for private service vehicles, which covers material damage caused to third parties, without charge or extra cost for the user, for the validity of each one of the issued certificates”, indicates the normative text.

Automotive Diagnostic Centers are concerned about the measure.

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This insurance must have a minimum insured value of 15 current legal monthly minimum wages (SMLMV) for private service vehicles and 7 SMLMV for motorcycles and the like.

«Automotive Diagnostic Centers (CDA) have the obligation to guarantee that in each of their establishments the mandatory insurance provided for in this Law is offered,» he says.

This improvement of the paragraph to article 53 of Law 769 of 2002 (National Land Transit Code), by not forcing the end user to pay the additional cost of this insurance, it remits CDAs to pay 100 percent of the feewho are concerned about the effects that this will bring to their finances.

«They will even disappear since the high costs of the individual policy, when used for simple collisions, would cover the total of the little utility that the business activity has left,» said Gonzalo Corredor, president of Aso-CDA.

Added to this, those who are going to claim what the norm requires, find that the CDAs do not have this offer that the law requires, because, according to insurers consulted by this means, this type of insurance is hardly being evaluated.

Private motorcycles and cars must have insurance that, according to the law, must be paid by Automotive Diagnostic Centers.


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«Until now, by not having a robust regulation on the matter, insurers do not have this service for which CDAs currently cannot comply with this imposed requirement,» Corredor concluded.

The basket of costs

Through a survey carried out by this means with data from the Superintendence of Transportation, it is prolonged that the cost basket of the Automotive Diagnostic Centers is made up of five items in the rate of the mechanical technical review.

Between 50% and 70% of the rates are equivalent to the value of the service, this is added 19% of the VAT value, $4,900 of the value of the Single National Traffic Registry (Runt), $7,300 to the National Road Safety Fund, and about 3.3% goes to the Control and Surveillance System.

For private vehicles, These annual reviews cost between $122,040 and $163,070 for motorcycles and between $164,502 and $237,700 for cars, depending on the age of the vehicle.


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