Maria Isabel Urrutiathe former athlete who had been acting as head of the Ministry of Sports, left office this Monday by decision of the president Gustavo Petro.

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In a trill, the former athlete attacked the Petro government by saying that they needed her position in the ministry to give jam to the parties of the U and liberals to carry out the reforms.

«The Ministry of Sport asked him to grant jam to the U party and the Liberals and thus approve the reforms. He left me with work halfway. That was not the change, but the truth will come out»

Shortly before, Urrutia, in statements to Caracol Radio, said that he did not know if they declared it non-existent or changed it; In addition, she was surprised by the decision. «Politics are changeable and politics and friends are like that,» he said.

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Urrutia leaves complaint

María Isabel Urrutia, former Minister of Sport.


Press Ministry of Sport

The now ex-minister clarified that she found some inconsistencies upon his arrival at the Ministry of Sports and that he tried to organize it.

«It’s a break at the end for one… I was investigating 1,800 sports infrastructure projects that were given money and construction had not started,» he clarified.

He stated that the comptrollership You know his investigations in which, he says, found corruption.

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«I am part of Dr. Petro’s group, who have not notified me in time to make a decision to resign beyond saying that I was leaving, but I am still the same; the same gratitude for the doctor gustavo petro«, he added.

He indicated that he did participate in health reform events in Cali, but clarified that he was always in favor.

Officially it is said from the Presidency that the Chief of Staff did notify the decisions.

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The government’s response

For her part, Laura Sarabia, head of office of the Presidency of Gustavo Petro, assured on her Twitter account that the three prominent ministers were notified before the decision was made public.

«It is important to clarify that the two ministers and the highlighted minister were aware of the President’s decision @petrogustavo before the presidential address. The versions that they were notified by the media are, to say the least, imprecise,» he said in a trill.


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