Maria Isabel Urrutia ceased to be the Minister of Sports this Monday, after the president of Colombia, gustavo petroannounced his departure from office.

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Urrutia, the first Colombian to win an Olympic gold medal, in weightlifting, in Sydney 2000, assumed the ministry four days after the possession of Petro.

Before being a minister, she was a congressman for two terms (2002-2006 and 2006-2010) and then she was a coach at the IDRD and director of the IV National Sports Games of the Sea and Beach.

The sins

1. He promised money like Award to the players of the Colombian Women’s National Team, which was not contemplated in the incentive regulations and it was necessary to carry out a reform of the law. He promised each player 35 million pesos, but the law that was only awarded 11 million.

Table of incentives MinSport.

2. Demonstrated in taking quick action on the issue of National games, whose works and sports advances are far behind schedule, since it is nine months away from its inauguration and the schedules have not been met. The games will be played in the Eje Cafetero in November 2023.

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3. Your relationship with him Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) it was not the best. He delegated to the Paralympic Committee the operation of the conventional Central American and Caribbean Sea and Silver Games for the first time in history, something that the COC has always managed.

4. He gave the sports federations the autonomy to manage the budget of each one, in order to hire the coaches and monitor the preparation processes of the selected ones, when most of them do not have the infrastructure to carry out this work, which was always carried out by the COC.

America vs Llaneros Women’s League


Dimayor – VizzorImage

5. He couldn’t do the one-year Women’s League as promised. When it was learned that it would be for 5 months, she told EL TIEMPO that she was going to do a women’s tournament, that she was going to organize it, that she was putting up the money, and then she ended up talking about it going to be a semi-professional tournament and then in her statement He said that the players could advance work to carry out the sport in the regions to have salaries all year round.


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