After scoring the memorable decisive goal at free-kick discount, lionel
expressed his joy at making his debut this Friday at Inter Miami with a 2-1 victory against Cruz Azul at the start of the Leagues Cup.

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«It’s a huge joy to get this first win after how we’ve come in the league,» said the Argentine star, who is beginning his first adventure outside of European football with a team that occupies the last place in the MLS.

Messi’s joy

«It is important to start winning, beyond the fact that (the Leagues Cup) is another championship, for confidence it is very good to get victories,» stressed the Albiceleste captain in statements to Apple TV +.

Messi, who has only recently trained in Miami, came off the bench in the 54th minute as Inter dominated 1-0.

The Mexican Uriel Antuna equalized for Cruz Azul in minute 65 and, when the clash was heading towards a resolution in the penalty shootout, the genius of Rosario appeared to give the locals the victory. After being fouled on the edge of the area, Messi broke the ball and launched one of his famous free kicks that went over the wall and into the top corner as the clock ticked 90 + 4 minutes.

Lionel Messi scores with Inter.

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«I knew I had to score, it was the last play of the game,» Messi recalled. «He wanted to score so as not to go to penalties. It was very important for us to get this victory.» «I tried it as I always do. I was lucky that it happened, that it went to the goal, that the goalkeeper did not arrive and it was a goal,» he described.

The goal by the new soccer superstar in the United States ended an 11-game winless streak for Inter, the franchise that occupies the last place of the MLS season. The Leagues Cup, which is being contested for the first time by the 47 MLS teams and the Mexican league, is a great opportunity for Messi to fight for a title after closing his stages at Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

«I am very happy to be here,» Messi reiterated. «This is the place that we chose with my family and we are very happy that we chose it.» «We wanted to start like this by changing a victory for these people,» said the star, thanking the reception given to the 20,000 Inter Miami fans.


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