Artificial Intelligence was in charge of recreating a success that resonated in Argentina and then throughout the world during the World Cup in Qatar.

Under the lyrics ‘Muchachos’, the musical group called La Mosca moved the fans who were on edge waiting for the Argentine team to win the World Cup. On this occasion, in an unpublished version, this technological method obtained the voice of Carlos Gardel to give a new imprint to a subject that remained in the collective imagination of people.

Gardel sings to Messi thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Carlos Gardel, Argentine singer.

In a video uploaded by the ‘Degenerate’ account to its YouTube platform, Carlos Gardel appears in the image of an old television singing the lyrics of what was the alternative anthem for the Argentines who were in Qatar.

This fragment, which lasts about 2 minutes, became a trend on social networks due to the occurrences of the creator in choosing the Creole Thrush as the interpreter of a song that became popular in recent times.

As the version of the song composed by Fernando Romero and popularized by La Mosca, Gardel is heard, on an old television with images from the film Tango Bar, released in 1935, appears interspersed with photos of Lionel Messi during his stay in Qatar as well as the second goal against France, in a lethal counterattack that ended with Ángel Di María.

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«It’s true what the old people in the bar said, Gardel sings better every day»; “Goosebumps listening to Gardel singing Muchachos”; «I never knew what it was like to listen to Gardel, but I imagine my grandparents listening to this and my tears come to my eyes»; “This is truly unique. It perfectly captures the essence of Gardel and combines it with such a current and above all national theme. Great cover” and “It is so rare to hear Gardel sing about Maradona, Messi and the Malvinas war. People who were born after his death and were unable to fight the war. I congratulate you for your work”, were the most prominent mentions of the video.

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