linda caicedo began his dream in real Madrid. The Colombian soccer player created her contract, put on the clothes of the white team, with the number 19 shirt, posed for photos and videos and left her first harangue, in tune with her new club: “Hala Madrid! ”.

Linda arrived in Spain on Thursday, as she already had everything in advance with the white team, which won the bid against Barcelona and English Chelsea. Friday was his special day, because very early he arrived at valdebebasthe sports city of Real Madrid.

(Linda Caicedo: this was her first day in the Real Madrid world)

As seen in a detailed video published by the merengue club, Linda arrived dressed in black, accompanied by her parents, after signing her contract she received the 19 shirt, which is the number she will wear from now on. Linda did not stop smiling, her eyes illuminated as she walked through the corridors of the sports venue.

first steps

He then dressed in white, donned some pink cleats, and jumped onto one of the practice pitches.

The official announcement from Real Madrid was long in coming. The secrecy is present while the expectation grew in the Colombian and Spanish press, and in social networks.

Madrid’s official Twitter account began to heat up the announcement, first with a trill with emojis with little stars in the eyes, and then with a video in which the face of the Colombian player was not seen.

His third trill was already the official one, with a photo of Linda dressed in white and the phrase «welcome to Real Madrid».

Linda Caicedo already created the contract with Real Madrid.


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“Linda Caicedo is already the new Real Madrid player. The attacker is 18 years old and she comes to our club after shining in the Colombian League, a competition that she has won twice. The first one was with the cali america, when he scored in the final despite being only 14 years old.

Since 2020 he has played for Deportivo Cali, where he won the title in 2021. Despite his youth, he has stood out in the Colombian national team and in the America’s Cup 2022 she was voted best player of the tournament.

Also in 2022 he had a prominent role in the world sub-17, where he was a finalist with Colombia and the Silver Ball”, he says on the official website of Madrid.

all official

In other official photos Linda was seen smiling and pointing to her white shirt, there was also one from the place of the medical services of the Spanish club. From Spain it was reported that Linda, after that hectic morning, went to rest with her family.

His mom, herlinda joyIn statements to Caracol Noticias, he said: «That he keep his humility as always and that he continue working because he has a long way to go.»

Linda Caicedo, a Colombian player, watches Real Madrid’s training.

And that was it. There was no usual great presentation, as Real Madrid did not make great use of the female squad with its athletes.

In any case, at the media level his arrival does emerge resonances in the Spanish press, which awaits his debut with expectations, which could be on March 4, when he faces Alhama.

Thus, Linda Caicedo starts a dream, that of wearing the shirt of one of the most important clubs in the world.
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