ripped another Leaguethe illusion of 20 teams, the desire of all to reach the star of December, some with signings that by their name alone excite, and others that together excite, and there are the teams that are greatly reinforced, and those that change coaches, and those that maintained the structure, and those that do not thunder much, and nobody wants to disappoint, although the champion will be only one.

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The purchase of the huila


Photo Carlos Andrés Vargas and EFE

The main fact of this League that started on Friday has to do with one of the small teams that wants to shout big: Atlético Huila, which was acquired last May by the Ecuadorian manager Michel Deller, the millionaire behind the successful club. Independent from the Valley of Ecuador and who landed in the opita team, in an operation that was around 5.4 million dollars. It is an economic injection for a team that, if it follows in the footsteps of the Ecuadorian club, is projected big.

new technicians

Hubert Bodhert, DT of Santa Fe.

The second great event in this League is due to new coaches: hubert bodhert it goes from Alianza Petrolera to a Santa Fe full of novelties and with the challenge of cleaning up its battered image; arrives lucas gonzalez to America, after rising to fame in Águilas Doradas, a team that hired a coach with experience in World Cup qualifiers like the Venezuelan Cesar Farias.

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Also the Uruguayan alfredo arias, which after passing through Cali, Santa Fe and Peñarol, arrives in Medellín. César Torres assumes the challenge of maintaining Alianza Petrolera in the fight, a great season in the previous semester; Harold Rivera, after his departure from the cardinal team, arrives at Unión Magdalena, while Pompilio Páez takes over at Jaguares. And last Friday night, Cali announced Jaime de la Pava in the position that Jorge Luis Pinto resigned.

fancy reinforcements

Edwin Cardona with the America shirt.

As for reinforcements, after the departure of Juan Fernando Quintero from Junior – who was the star signing and in debt the previous semester – it is America that shakes the market. The signings of Víctor Ibarbo (who starts the season injured) and Edwin Cardona (unofficial until last night) are the most important. They are two players with vast experience, having passed through the Colombian National Team, who returned to the country to scare away the ghosts of an uncomfortable present: Víctor was in Japan, Edwin, stuck in Argentina. With them America is scary, because it also has Darwin Quintero and Adrián Ramos.

Other players that generate good expectations are the Uruguayan Maximiliano Cantera who arrived at Nacional, Ánderson Plata who will play for Medellín, and the experienced Paraguayan goalkeeper Antony Silva, who built with Santa Fe. Among the internal movements, the transfers of Marlon Torres from Santa Fe to Tolima, from the Argentine Gonzalo Lencina from Bucaramanga to Junior and from Wilson Morelo who goes from Santa Fe to Águilas.

A different case is that of millionaires, the champion who watches them all from the throne, and who did not need to be reinforced to continue having favoritism and go to fight the star again. Although Óscar Cortés left, at Lens de France, the blue team is always removed, thanks to its structure and minor divisions.

great in emergency


Luis Eduardo Noriega. efe

There are big teams that start the League on fire, like Nacional and Cali. National is a question mark. The runner-up, the one who lost the final to Millonarios, was so stunned that he was left without a coach after Autuori’s departure, and he needs to reconsider himself to see with what weapons he is going to win what he just lost. Nacional is not authorized for second places, that’s why the recent final is still burning. But the outlook is uncertain, for now William Amaral, Autuori’s second in command, is acting as DT, and it is not known for how long or who will come to put out the fire.

Cali has pledged its greatness. The coach Jorge Luis Pinto left, who couldn’t take it anymore. Cali is in free fall and De la Pava arrives to get him out of the crisis.


Ricardo Márquez celebrates the partial tie of the Union


Juan Pablo Rueda. TIME

In this second semester the relegation campaigns begin to sound. Huila and Unión Magdalena begin the tournament in the red zone and forced to start adding three, but there are also several teams that are waiting; among them, two historical ones such as Once Caldas and Cali, which have given many advantages.

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