This Thursday, January 12, the Colombian soccer player Juan Fernando Quintero announced that, despite the enthusiasm of the fans, he will not finally reach the Junior de Barranquilla.

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«I wanted to tell you that it could not be done… and thank all the people of this beautiful club and especially its fans who felt that love and respect all the time”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

Last Friday, January 6, the soccer player met with Alejandro Char, a Barranquilla politician and Junior shareholder. «We are going to talk to him. We would all like to, but it is not easy,» said the manager from the team headquarters that day. «Who doesn’t want to have Quintero here with us? It’s a dream. Economically, I’m honest, it’s not easy,» he added.

After about a week, however, it was established that the former River Plate player will not reach the Barranquillero team.

(In addition: Juan Fernando Quintero did not arrange with Junior and the memes did not take long)

In this regard, Char expressed that he was very sad. He also said that decisions are not made by him alone.

«I am very, very sad because despite the fact that I did everything in my power, this time I did not succeed. @juanferquinte10 knows it. I do not make decisions alone. Now more than ever we need the full support of our fans. «, he wrote on Twitter.

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In days gone by, the footballer had fed the illusions of the fans by posting on his social networks, first, a photo of Carlos ‘Pibe’ Valderrama with the Junior de Barranquilla 10 shirt and calling him ‘The Dad’. Later, he mounted another image, this time of Giovanni Hernández, and called him «El tío».

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