lewis hamilton modify climb this weekend to a new drawer in his career, finishing third in theThe Formula 1 British Grand Prix. The English driver, aware that it has been a season of ups and downs for Mercedes, acknowledged at Silverstone that «being on the podium is impressive.»

And while his sense of optimism was evident, it made headlines again. the striking words that they left in the framework of the Austrian GP.

Alluding to the current dominance of Red Bull and Max Verstappen with his RB19, the Briton stated on Spielberg: «I think the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) should set a time when everyone can start developing next year’s car.».

Hamilton requested that Red Bull not work on his car for next season from now on because, in practice, it gives him time advantages and use of the wind tunnel, in the case of the Austrian team. This, taking into account that the ‘Red Bulls’ would be taking advantage of their budget this season with the magnifying glass on 2024, since they have shown that they do not have much to improve on the current car.

And although Hamilton’s proposal has been seen as a fight to protect the rest of the teams, VerstappenTwo-time champion who could finish second in the remaining races and still achieve his third title in a row, he then responded by alluding to the six titles that Hamilton disappeared at the start of the hybrid era: «We weren’t talking about this when (Hamilton) was winning and I don’t think we should now.».

But, in the last hours, the person in charge of speaking about it was Juan Pablo Montoya, the best driver in Colombia and who is considered a Formula 1 legend despite the fact that he did not win a World Cup in the big tent.

Montoya, true to his style, was accurate.

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Montoya ‘stopped’ Lewis Hamilton



In chat with ‘MyBettingSites’, Montoya analyzed what Formula 1 has been like in this half of the year.

In the talk, he reaffirmed what he said in a conversation with EL TIEMPO in April: Red Bull’s evident dominance and the expectation of the fight in the middle of the table.

“What is very intriguing is that now you go on race weekends and you don’t know who is going to fight who. It used to be really predictive, you had Mercedes, then Red Bull and then you had Ferrari and then everyone else. Whereas now you have a Red Bull and all the others… You look at 3 to 12, and you have no idea what’s going to happen. Even look at the Williams and they’re ranking 10 or 12.»Montoya said.

Then, on the subject of Hamilton, Juan Pablo Montoya was accurate: “It’s funny because Lewis keeps coming out and saying ‘it’s unfair, it’s unfair’. He’s already predicting that Max is going to win next year, but if you look back at his period of dominance, you now wonder: ‘Was it you, was it the car?’… We were all happy for you when you dominated.»

Montoya’s statements have been replicated in different media, highlighting the underlying sincerity.

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Montoya runs this weekend

This weekend, Juan Pablo Montoya disputes with his son Sebastián, from the Telmex-Claro Team, the valid second of the European Le Mans Series.

The Montoyas will be at the 4 Hours of Le Castellet, in France, competing in the LMP2 category, in which Tatiana Calderón is also present.

Óscar Tunjo from Cali will compete in LMP3.

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