Juan Fernando Quintero was the protagonist of a new controversy in the Colombian National Team. The player appeared in Néstor Lorenzo’s squad for the friendly matches against South Korea and Japan, despite not being in full physical condition.

The player came out beaten in the match against Envigado, on March 12, and was not part of Junior’s roster the following weekend, when the team drew against Santa Fe in Barranquilla.

Despite having been ruled out due to injury for that match, the player traveled to Korea to join the Colombian National Team, amid criticism, especially from the Junior fans.

Juan Fernando Quintero, with Junior.



Quintero did not play a minute with the National Team

Although the Colombian Football Federation revealed images this week in which Quintero is seen training normally, the player was unable to perform against South Korea. And this Saturday, the entity announced his departure from the concentration, assuring that he is injured.

Juan Fernando Quintero, in training with the National Team in South Korea.


Colombian Soccer Federation

The player himself revealed on his social networks the results of the tests he carried out in the Junior
before traveling to join the National Team, in which he shows that no injury was detected.

This Saturday, the Diario Deportes portal revealed that Quintero suffered a stress fracture of the tibia, according to the results of tests carried out by the doctor of the National Team, Gustavo Pineda.

However, Junior’s doctor, Luis Javier Fernández, insists that the player does not have any injuries.

What is a stress fracture?

According to the physiotherapy-online.com portal, a stress fracture is «a type of bone injury that occurs in the cortex of the bone (outermost part), as a result of the repetitive execution of the same movement in a specific region»,

Although stress fractures can occur in any bone in the body, they occur most often in the legs and feet and in people who do physical activities such as running, playing tennis and soccer, or doing gymnastics.

Juan Fernando Quintero leaves the field after Junior’s defeat against Envigado.


Jairo Cassiani. Chronos

The one Quintero has is one of the less common fractures, according to the same source. It is known as a talus fracture and occurs due to «repetitive compression of the tibia when the foot is in plantar flexion, this situation is common in sports that include kicking balls.»

Quintero, according to the version released by the Diario Deportes portal, will have four weeks of disability, which would take him out of at least five of the next Junior games in the League.


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