Juan Fernando Quintero became this Saturday the most important contract in Colombian football in this transfer market, by signing his contract with the Junior from Barranquilla.

The player from Antioquia will be, in principle, linked for a year to the Barranquilla squad, which will have competition this year, in addition to the League and the Colombia Cup, in the Copa Sudamericana, in which they will face Deportes Tolima in the first phase.

Quintero’s was preceded by a novel that appeared a week, from the moment the former River Plate player arrived in the Atlantic capital to negotiate with Alejandro Char, going through an announcement on networks saying that the business was damaged, and closing with a trill by Carlos Bacca, the first to confirm the contract.

Quintero underwent medical examinations in Medellín, which he passed without problem, with which he signed the contract. This was announced by Junior on his social networks:

This will be the presentation of Juan Fernando Quintero

Now, Barranquiila is preparing for the presentation of its new reinforcement, which continues with the club’s line of bringing a great national figure to its ranks, as it did, at the time, with the return of Teófilo Gutiérrez and Carlos Bacca and the Hiring Yimmi Chará and Miguel Ángel Borja.

Alejandro Char himself was in charge of announcing the official act in which Quintero will put on Junior’s shirt. It will be this Sunday, at 3 in the afternoon, at the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium.

The details of the presentation act are unknown for now, but surely the stage will be filled to have her new red and white reference dress. The entrance to the stadium will be free and the doors will open at 12 noon.


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