the theme of Juan Fernando Quinterohis injury with the Colombia selection that had harmed Junior It is news in the country again.

Quintero hasn’t played for a month, he couldn’t play an important Junior game against Santa Feand so he went to the Selection for the Fifa date of March, without being able to play against South Korea and Japan.

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(James Rodríguez, owner of impressive data, leader in the ranks)

At first there was talk of a fracture, but the ’10’ had a more serious injury than expected and has not been able to reappear with the Barranquilla team.

He has not played since last March 12, when he scored a goal in Junior’s 1-2 defeat with Envigado on date 8 of the BetPlay I-2023 League.

mea culpa

Luis Javier Fernandez, The doctor of the Barranquilla team, is in the eye of the hurricane and has received strong criticism, because as head of the Junior’s medical department, he authorized Quintero to appear for the Colombian National Team while injured.

He himself confessed his mistake: «I feel responsible, because I shouldn’t have let him go to the National Team. We’ve been there for four weeks and look where we’re going,» said the doctor in an interview with ‘El Ámbito’.

Juan Fernando Quintero, in training with the National Team in South Korea.


Colombian Soccer Federation

And he added: «I present my excuses to the fans, as I did with the managers, I think that he (Quintero) should not have gone to the National Team; he would have stayed with us in intensive care, well, supposedly not in the National Team, because It is a team that is in competition, playing, they are waiting for the players to respond to participate in the games; if he had stayed with us, suddenly we would already have ‘Juanfer’.

“The first guarantee is the doctor, there one says whether or not he is in good condition to go to the National Team. We said yes, appealing to experience, (thinking) that it was a minimal trauma and that he could be with the National Team. However, we were wrong,» he says.

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