They say that Junior is everything for the Barranquillero, and today, everything is joy for the fan who celebrates the arrival of Juan Fernando Quintero to the rojiblancas awnings.

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After a week with tremendous soap opera, «yes», «no», «the business fell», and after the announcement of the same player and of alex char on Twitter on Thursday night, in which they reported that Quintero’s could not materialize, this Friday the ‘soap opera’ finally had a happy ending, and ‘Juanfer’ is awaited with open arms in Barranquilla.

The idol Carlos Bacca, who was finally in charge of notifying the entire junior world and probably giving the «scoop» of his hiring, invited the former player of Silver river to a live on his Instagram account to welcome him.

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«We know the effort that the Char family has made and that they have put everything on your part,» the man from Buenos Aires told Quintero, who could not hide his emotion.

The ’10’ paisa assured that everything was part of the plan. «There were five or six days of great uncertainty, but here we are, they killed me yesterday, but it was all part of the plan, everything went well.»

‘Juanfer’ stated that he wants to see the Metropolitano full. “I want to win, I am a person with a winning mentality. I hope to see the Metropolitano full, that they encourage us a lot as they do with the Colombian team”.

Cuadrado also wants to play in Junior

The midfielder Juan Guillermo Cuadrado also entered the live of the players, who as a joke (or not?), asked Carlos Bacca to speak with Char to come to Junior.

«Bacca, talk to Char, I’m leaving too», wrote the Juventus player.

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