Jessica Chastain – Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

In a heated bidding war against other contenders, Netflix has secured the rights to I am not alone, a new film starring Jessica Chastain, which is based on the short story of the same name. The deal is said to be in the six figures.

misha green has been selected to write the script for I am not alone and direct the film. His credits include Lovecraft Country, Sons of Anarchy, Underground, Spartacus, and further.

misha green

misha green

Genre Films’ Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon, Bread & Circuses Entertainment’s Craig Flores, Scott Glassgold and Peter Katz are producing along with Chastain and his Freckle Pictures partner Kelly Carmichael and Misha Green. Kinberg, who has partnered with Chastain on three previous projects, commented:

“I’m a huge fan of Misha’s work and I’ve been friends with Craig for years, so when they sent me this story and I heard they were involved, I freaked out. Misha’s vision is unlike anything I’ve seen. And working with Jessica again makes it even more dreamy.»

Craig Flores added:

“To collaborate again with visionary writer-director Misha Green and her unique literary voice on this sci-fi horror franchise is an absolute dream. And combining two creative powerhouses like Misha and Simon Kinberg is more than any producer could ask for.»

What is the plot of I am not alone?

from netflix I am not alone is based on a 22-page short story by Chris Hicks, which begins with the sentence, «I started seeing the creatures about a week before Zoe’s visit.» Most of the plot details are kept secret.

Here is a synopsis of Deadline:

«The story of I am not alone centers on a mother of a young daughter whose life falls apart when she suffers excruciating migraines that cause her to hallucinate when she starts seeing creatures. It’s the template for a grounded science fiction story about a mother forced to defend her family against a threat only she can see.»

who is cast in I am not alone?

jessica chastain the good nurse netflix

The Good Nurse – Picture: Netflix

It has been announced that Jessica Chastain will lead the I am not alone movie. His recent credits include Netflix The Good Nurse, Armageddon Time, Tammy Faye’s Eyes, and more. Chastain is also attached to Netflix’s Ubisoft game adaptation. The divisionalthough the development of that film is currently unknown.

More actors are expected to be announced in the coming months.

What is the production status of I am not alone?

The new Netflix movie is currently in development with the script written and revised. We hope to hear back on pre-production and filming in the coming months.

What is the Netflix release date? I am not alone?

Netflix has not announced any dates for I am not alonebut considering its early stage of development, we can expect a 2024 release date, but this is subject to change.