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James Rodriguez He is still waiting to decide what his sporting future will be and find out which club he is going to play for next season.

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The scorer of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil abruptly left the Greek club, with which he agreed to terminate his contract after differences with the coach in charge of the team, José Anigo, who replaced him at halftime in the classic against Panathinaikos.

Since then, James Rodríguez has been training alone looking to stabilize himself in shape for when have the opportunity to reach another club, preferably in Europe.

James gets ready

Meanwhile, James is in Colombia for private business issues, but he also takes advantage of the day to day to continue his preparation.

The player has been training at the sports headquarters of the Colombian Football Federation, in Bogotá.

This Monday, in addition, James gave some brief statements in which he referred to his training and his current state.

«I’m happy to be at home, I treat myself in a very good way, it’s always like that, now with the coaching staff doing things and thinking about everything that comes,» said James.

He assured that he is in perfect physical condition, despite the fact that he is without a team.

«I’m fine. Physically I’m perfect, but above all it’s keeping in shape for all this that is going to be important,» he said.

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He was also consulted about the 2026 World Cup qualifier, projected for the month of September.

«You have to be well, September, October and November are coming, they are three super important dates. You have to be in a very good way, we have a coaching staff and players to do things well; there is what, there is a lot of quality talent, and we have to be concentrated, and if we are concentrated we will all be in a very good way».

Finally, James sent a message to the youth team players who played the Under-20 World Cup in Argentina and which debuted with a 2-1 victory against Israel.

«I wish them success, they won the first game, which is very hard, they did the job it was, luck and success and that they can reach the grand final and why not win that tournament, they have very quality players».


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