VAT refund, according to the Administrative Department for Social Prosperity, It is nothing more than financial aid for vulnerable families, whose main purpose is to alleviate the impact of the tax on the consumption of products and services.

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It was created under Decree 419 of 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as a strategy to deal with the health emergency. This is equivalent to an amount of 80 thousand pesos, which is disbursed bimonthly.

You must take into account that to this benefit you can only access the family nuclei that are categorized in the Sisbén IV, used to focus social spending on the most vulnerable population. It is prudent to highlight that the VAT refund, as in the rest of the Social Prosperity programs, citizens do not go through a registration or call stage.

Payment cycle 13 VAT refund: are you a beneficiary?

Among the requirements to access the discount, you must be registered with Sisbén, since, as previously stated, It is one of the tools that the National Government has to identify groups of citizens with limited resources.

Remember that last Wednesday, December 21, 2022, the transfer of $80,000 to households participating in cycle 12 and those accumulated for cycles 10 and 11 of 2022. Delivery was made until January 10, 2023.

«For this payment were programmed 2 million homes, complying with the established quota of the program. The National Government provided more than 187,000 million pesos to guarantee the payment of this cycle to all the participants”, pointed out the Administrative Department for Social Prosperity on its website.

To find out if you are a beneficiary, you only have to enter your identification number in the Social Prosperity page here. You can also ccontact the line 01-8000-95-1100, at the national level.

Until nowThe entity has not confirmed the payment date for the 2023 cycles. However, it is essential that you make sure to send the pertinent news to ensure the first return payment.

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How to sign up?

The fundamental requirement will be that you be registered in the SISBÉN, because that platform will be the only way in which the State will be able to know if you can or cannot make use of the benefit. However, you must take into account that by registering you will not receive the bonus, since you will enter a period of analysis.

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Follow the steps below to register for SISBÉN

  • You have to enter the following web page: survey.
  • Fill out the personal information form.
  • Then, in the information section of the request, you must click on email authorization.
  • On the theme button, select survey request.
  • In population information, select if you belong to one of the groups (p.extreme poverty ‘A’, moderate poverty ‘B’, or vulnerable population ‘C’) that appears on the screen.
  • Under request type, click request.
  • The system will ask you for a description. write there why you are requesting the affiliation.
  • In Annexes, you must attach the identity documents of each of the members that you are going to affiliate.
  • Enter the security text and click File.
  • The entity’s response will arrive to your email where you will be informed of the date of the interviewer’s visit that corroborates the information.
  • Finally, you should take into account the days it takes to get a response.

DPS is the only official outlet that will report copper points and dates.


Administrative Department for Social Prosperity


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