The extract in layoffs is a document that, every six months, the Pension and Severance Funds they send to their affiliates so that they can know the movements of this social benefit.

(How to get the most out of layoffs).

Remember that, by regulation of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, the Pension Funds must send this statement to their affiliates in the months of April and October.

The Porvenir Pension and Severance Fund clarifies some doubts about how to understand this document that this month should be reaching workers with savings in severance payments.

How to consult the extractor?

The Pension and Severance Funds currently have digital tools that allow you to consult this document, in the case of Porvenir you can go to and in Online Services you can go to download the extract.

Also the Severance Funds send this information via email, in physical format and/or by text messages, in order to keep affiliates informed of the movements of their layoffs.

(Layoffs increase market liquidity in the country).

If you do not receive your severance statement, contact your severance pay administrator or consult the digital tools available to the AFP for this purpose.

What data does the unemployment statement contain?

Find the individual account summary. In this part you can show the initial balance, the contributions, the returns, if you have made withdrawals and the current balance. The portfolio in which these resources are being managed is also reflected.
As well as educational information about how to read this document.

What does each data statement issued mean?

• In the Summary section of the Individual AccountYou will find the summary for each type of portfolio (Long term and/or short term) with the respective movements made in the period, including initial balance, contributions, withdrawals, transfers between accounts, returns and final balance.

• In the section: Details of the movements of the short and long-term subaccounts, you will find the summary by subaccount of the movements made in the period, where it is presented: initial balance, both in pesos and units, contributions and dates on which it was obtained and partial withdrawals or totals, transfers between sub-accounts and funds, commissions for withdrawals, returns and final balance.

• In the Returns section: finds the profitability obtained in each one of the portfolios, taking into account that it will not be less than the minimum profitability required by the Financial Superintendence. For Short Term (corresponds to the profitability obtained during the last 3 months) and for Long Term (corresponds to the profitability obtained during the last 24 months).

(Appropriations from businessmen in layoffs increased by 3.54%).

• In the administration profile section: Corresponds to the percentage distribution of resources made by the affiliate, between the short and long-term portfolios or in only one of them. If the member has not selected, it shows the default choice established in Article 7 of Decree 4600 of 2009, and the last date of membership is indicated.

• Also find information of the corresponding commissions to administration by sub-account and by partial withdrawals charged by the Severance Fund.