Lionel Messi returned to the pitch with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) after his six-day suspension for traveling to Saudi Arabia without authorization from the club. The match this Saturday May 13 against Ajaccio, for Ligue 1, gave victory to the Argentine team, but their tensions and possible exit remain in the environment.

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PSG beat Ajaccio 5-0. Nonetheless, Messi was whistled againfor the first time when his name was mentioned in the lineup, in what is already a clear prediction of his departure from the club in a few weeks, according to international media.

He was also whistled, massively, when he touched the ball or was preparing to take a set piece. Another part of the Parc des Princes responded with applause.

«There were whistles but quickly a large part of the stadium covered them to encourage Leo. He is still focused, wanting to encourage the game and create situations. He is used to these things because in his career he has had difficult situations,» explained Christophe Galtier, the PSG coach.

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How many games does Messi have left at PSG?

The 35-year-old player could finish his contract in Europe and could go to Saudi Arabia, from where he would have received a «huge» offer, according to a source in the negotiation who had access to the AFP agency.

Jorge Messi, the footballer’s father, assured that «he has absolutely nothing» and that a decision will be made when «Lionel ends the season with PSG».

Lionel Messi was whistled in the match against Ajaccio.


Christophe Petit-Tesson. efe

This being the case, he could formalize his departure in June 2023 when the Ligue 1 season comes to an end.

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For now, these will be the next matches they will have and in which they are expected to start:

May 21: Auxerre vs. PSG.

May 27: Racing Strasbourg vs PSG.

June 3: PSG vs. Clermont.


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