Santa Fe reacted, perfected a great victory at home against Huila 5-0 to get back into the top eight. He has one game left against Once Caldas to stay and play the finals.

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The technician gerardo bedoya, in charge, made his debut in office with triumph, after the departure of Harold Rivera. However, he assured that his task, for now, has been emotional.

Bedoya’s words

Idea: «I don’t like rushed football, we are verticalizing without handling. I like to hold the ball and filter when it is necessary to filter.»


Mauricio Moreno / EL TIEMPO

DT’s hand: «I didn’t do much, I saw the process and I loved it beyond the fact that the results were not given to Professor Harold Rivera. I focused on the socio-affective thing that the boys were calm, it was more the emotional issue, it was a single training, no You can do a lot, I don’t have a magic wand. I tried to make them enjoy.»

Once Caldas: «It seems that if it’s not change we don’t like it, we’re going to suffer, but the idea is to qualify. We’ve been there very little, the emotional aspect is very important. The change can’t be drastic, it’s complex. Promise? Delivery. It’s going to We are going to try to make it difficult for the rival.

The penalty: «The big groups start from being united and family, that’s where everything starts. Wilson or Rodallega was able to collect and left it to Enamorado, that shows that it is a generous group.

Continuity: «This was overnight, I accepted. I was not going to reject the opportunity to come to my house, I don’t think about continuing but God puts it to one. I enjoy these two or three games that in principle they manifested to me, let’s see coming».

Technical chat: «To know how they were doing, they were asked if they had the same expectation, if it was worth fighting to qualify and the response was very good»:


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