This Easter you can see the fourth full moon of this 2023, also known as pink moon. On this occasion, the satellite will perceive bigger and brighteralthough with the same whitish color as always.

The pink moon is the name given to the first full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere. Although the Moon does not appear to turn pink, but instead takes on a pinkish or orange hue as it rises above the horizon, especially during the first few minutes of its appearance, it is called pink because this lunar phase coincides with the mossy phlox flowering (either Phlox subulata), a species of plant that is pink.

The pink moon represents the beginning of the season of wild flower growth, particularly of that native North American Phlox subulata, which blooms in April. That is why the Native Americans knew it as the pink moon.

resurrection and rebirth

In addition to the Native Americans, the ancient egyptians they also worshiped the pink moon. They believed that the moon represented the resurrection and rebirth of the sun, and the pink moon marked the beginning of cultivation time in their agricultural calendars.

According to Greek mythologythe pink moon is associated with the Goddess of fertility, earth and moon: Aphrodite. Aphrodite was associated with spring and renewal, making the pink moon a symbol of renewal and growth.

The pink moon is also related to the moon astrology, which deals with the position and movement of the moon in the sky. According to lunar astrology, during the pink moon you have to rely on fertility, love and creativity.

easter moon

The pink moon is also known as ‘easter moon‘. In this case, the reason is that the dates of lent and Holy Week are decided according to the Moon’s calendar. Thus, the day of the first full moon of spring indicates that the following Sunday is celebrated the Easter.

To see the pink moon of the month of April, it is enough to look up at the sky early this Thursday morning from 6:34 a.m. peninsular time, which is when the satellite will reach its perfect roundness. If there are no clouds, a plain view will be visible.

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The best way to observe a full moon well is avoid tall buildings that they cover it and the Light pollution. Of course, if the sky is cloudy, it will be very difficult to see it.

For those who prefer to observe it in detail, it is advisable to use a filter in the telescope to avoid the glare.