For many Colombians, getting their own home is one of the most important goals. However, the desire to obtain a home loan, without having the appropriate advice, can lead to mistakes. Especially when they still have to face barriers such as accessibility to credit or high interest rateswhich makes it difficult for people to have their dream of having their own home.

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According to the Bank of the Republic, in Colombia, the interest rate established by monetary policy was recently located at 13% and although the speed of the increase resulted from going from 100 basis points between August and December 2022 to only 25 in March, it is still one of the highest in more than a decade in the history of the country, which causes an increase in interest on housing loans.

In order for more Colombians to have their own home, the Bankiando startup provides personalized, specialized and free advice from start to finish for people who are in the process of buying a new or used home. Helping them to do your credit profile to know which bank you could apply to.

Accompanying them to file their application, with the aim of achieving a greater probability of success in credit approval, thanks to the fact that they have six allied banks in the country and two allied banks for Colombians abroad, including Banco de Bogotá, Banco de Occidente, Banco Caja Social, Scotiabank Colpatria, among others. In a bid for more Colombians to have their own home.

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As stated by Jackson Rozo, CEO of Bankiando, a specialist with 14 years of experience in the financial sector. “Our mission is to simplify the processes of access to credit, we provide a service that helps even people with no credit history to access home loans without many complications. In addition, we accompany in the access to subsidies”.

This Colombian fintech allows you to compare through personalized advice with which bank and which credit rate is more favorable, helping a long-term loan to be paid with less value thanks to the appropriate choice of interest rate, among other factors, which have allowed more than 1,333 users to get their own home.

Achieving disbursements with its allied banks for a value of more than $201,756 million and reaching an average ticket of more than $151 million. In this way, people who find it difficult to compare what type of credit, rate and term benefits them the most can know with the help of Bankiando what is most appropriate for them according to their borrowing capacity.

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It should be noted that getting advice before applying for a home loan is essential and should be the first thing to do because this type of mortgage loan represents a long-term financial commitment and with great implications for personal finances. In addition, a specialist can provide information on the different types of mortgage loans available, their interest rates, payment terms, and other important details to make an informed and appropriate decision.

Which can help you avoid common mistakes like getting over-indebted, choosing a loan with high interest rates, or not having complete documentation for the application process. A financial advisor can also help assess borrowing capacity, find the best financing options, and negotiate the most favorable credit terms.

A vital contribution to society today if one considers that, just to mention the case of the Colombian capital, 52% of Bogotanos plan to buy a home in 2023, as reported by Camacol.

Likewise, as Jackson Rozo points out: “It will always be a good time to buy real estate” That is why he recommends that they not stop fulfilling their dreams due to lack of information.