He Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) It has become, every year, a headache for car and motorcycle drivers due to the high costs that this represents.

However, since the end of 2022, a 50% discount specifically for motorcycle owners with some specifications.

It is necessary to remember that the SOAT is a policy which guarantees that people who have suffered a traffic accident are treated immediately and initially at any hospital and that it is required to be Compulsory porting throughout the national territory by all types of transport vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, cargo vehicles, public transport, official and special, as registered by the Mapfre insurer portal.

The policy also covers the supply of medical material – surgery, osteosynthesis, orthosis and prosthesis, supply of medicines, treatments and surgical procedures, diagnostic and rehabilitation services, important reasons for acquiring it.

This should be taken into account about SOAT for motorcycles

You can check the value of the SOAT on the web pages of the insurers.

The first thing you should know is that the discountable motorcycles they have to have a cylinder capacity less than 200 cubic centimeters, and your SOAT will have a value of $207,000.

Those with the largest cylinder must continue to pay the full value of the policy, which would change depending on the vehicle, as confirmed by the Ministry of Traffic and Transportation.

motorcycles of cylinder from 120 to 150 cc they will have to pay insurance for a value of $278,350.

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To know the value of the SOAT, you must enter the web pages of insurers that offer the insurance, which you will be able to see when Enter the license plate number of your vehicle.

The measure of the ministry of transit and transport was taken to Counter policy evasion and fraud.


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