END OF THE WORLD |  Scientists set a date for the disappearance of the Earth

hay variess scientific theories and speculations about how it could happen end of the world. Among the most widespread, there is the belief that the end of the world will come from the global warming and climate change.

The continuous accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could cause a drastic increase in global temperatures, changes in weather patterns, the melting of the polar caps and a rise in sea levels. These changes could have devastating effects on ecosystems and life on Earth.

Along the same lines, there are those who bet on the hypothesis that the end of the world will be caused by a depletion of natural resourcessuch as drinking water, fossil fuels or minerals, could have serious consequences for human society. If sustainable and alternative solutions are not found in time, resource scarcity could trigger large-scale conflict and social collapse.

covid epidemic

Behind the covid-19 epidemic that has isolated the Earth, many others bet because the end of the world will come from the hand of a global pandemic. Highly contagious and deadly diseases have the potential to spread rapidly around the world. If a pandemic were severe enough and not adequately controlled, it could have a devastating impact on the human population and in the social and economic infrastructures.

The option of one natural disasters it is also the bet of many. It can come in the form of impact of a large asteroid Against the Earth. Such an impact could generate a huge explosion, cause massive earthquakes, generate tsunamis, and release a large amount of dust and debris into the atmosphere, potentially disrupting the global climate and having catastrophic consequences.

or of supervolcano eruption, which would release enormous amounts of ash, gases and lava. This could cause significant climate changes, block sunlight, disrupt ecosystems, and affect food production, which could have large-scale impacts on life on Earth.

swallowed planet

However, at the beginning of May and for the first time, the scientists They have captured a star swallowing a planet. Not only was it a bite, but it was a big bite.

The astronomers released their observations of what appeared to be a gas giant the size of Jupiter or larger being engulfed by its star. The star, similar to the sunit had swelled for eons with old age and finally grew so large that it engulfed the planet.

And that’s what these scientists believe will happen to Earth when our sun turns into a red giant and engulfs the four planets closest to it.

Although there have been earlier indications of other stars gobbling planets and of its digestive sequelae, this was the first time it was shown when a planet was engulfed, according to the study published in the journal ‘Nature’.

swallowed by the sun

«If it’s any consolation, this will pass in about 5 billion years«, said the co-author of the study. morgan macleodfrom the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

This galactic feast occurred between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago, near the constellation Aquila, when the star was about 10 billion years old. As the star nibbled at the planet, a burst of light occurred, followed by a long-lasting stream of dust that glowed brightly in cool infrared energy, the researchers noted.

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Although there have been previous hints of other stars gobbling up planets and their digestive aftermath, this was the first time it had occurred when a planet was gobbled up, according to the study. study published in the journal ‘Nature’.

Now that they know what to look for, researchers are on the lookout for more. cosmic feasts. They suspect that thousands of planets around other stars will suffer the same fate as this one and, in time, also our solar system.