Einer Rubio (Movistar) prevailed in stage 13 of the tour Of Italy 2023, after winning the shortened 74-kilometre section, which brought together Le Châble and Crans-Montana.

Rubio prevailed in a day with rain, cold and that in principle was going to be completed over 199 kilometers, but the weather did not let up and forced the organizers to cut the section.
(Einer Rubio ‘knocked it out of the park’ at the Giro d’Italia, big win!)(Einer Rubio: Colombia stage 33 victory at the Giro d’Italia)

The beginning

He was born on February 22, 1998, in Chiquiza, Boyacá, in the home of Libardo Rubio and Maria Reyes.

His childhood was normal, between field trades and studies. He played soccer, rode a bicycle, and it even occurred to him to be a motorcycle racer, but the sport of cranks and pedals was stronger for him.

He grew potatoes and on some occasions his parents brought some cattle into the small farm, which was located at 3,000 meters above sea level, for some reason the conditions to compete and win in the high-altitude mountain prizes.

«I lived with my parents and my siblings Jhon, Lina, Ana, Mileni.» she recounted her.

Einer Rubio was second in the last Giro Sub-23.

In a time everything changed. The Rubio Reyes family had to leave the farm, the rain never came, there was no water and the crops were lost.

«We are peasants. We were in an area of ​​3,000 m in Boyacá, 45 minutes from Tunja. Potatoes were grown and it didn’t rain for a while and we lost a lot and needed to go to Bogotá. The land is on the sides of San Pedro de Iguaque, by Arcabuco, 13 km from that municipality or can also be reached by Villa de Leyva. The farm is in the village of Laguneta,» Rubio told EL TIEMPO.

And he added: «I had to do everything. We cultivated dad, we had a little cattle, I went to study high school in the town. I used to travel by bicycle every day.»

They had to emigrate and they came to Bogota. There he changed to graduate from high school, but he returned to Boyacá to ride a bicycle.

«Last year I did it at the Institución Educativa Distrital school, in the Aures neighborhood,» he said.

He enrolled in the team of Sora’s club, which led quintilian rivera, and began to build his career. She lived at her sister’s house in paipabut in the morning I trained and in the afternoon I worked.


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Rubio had to get a job, he went to a construction company and had to glue bricks, plaster, load cement, in a fairly demanding job, for which he resigned when he was going to complete the four-month contract.

He returned to Bogotá and joined the Monserrate club, but he did not appear much, because after three months he went to the Esteban Chaves Foundation, p.or back in 2016 and did not count on luck and did not improve the objectives that leaned on the turn of the future, but I finished ninth overall.

A winner

That corresponds to him to go to Europe. gino ferrari He was in charge of taking it away and he worked with the ARAN Cucine – VEJUS team.

It was the first time he had left the country, so anxiety, nerves and so on went with him, but little by little the packaging took over.

Lived in Veian Payment, a town close to the province of Benevento and close to Rome. There he stayed at the house of the DT, Donato Powder.

Sure, he missed his family, the country, but he never gave back. He suffered like a convict, he cried, but he stayed, it was his golden opportunity.

«Donatto always advised me, in difficult moments he helped me a lot. I listened to him and applied it, that’s why the results were concluded,» said the winner of stage 13 of the Giro 2023.

2018 was a key year. Einer Rubio prevailed in the Caperco Grand Prix, won a stage in the Tour of the Regione Fruili and a fraction of Tour of Italy Sub-23.

Éiner Rubio (left, second), Camilo Andrés Ardila (center, champion) and Juan Diego Alba (third).


Giro d’Italia Press

In this last race, but the following year, the 25-year-old cyclist prevailed in a stage of the test and was second overall, behind Camilo Ardila, who was the champion

He prepares well and took the leap. Rubio was tested in the Deceuninck-quick step, but did not stay

arrived at movistar in 2020, but the pandemic deprived him of starting his career in the World Tour.

However, little by little they took him away. They knew that in it they had a climber who could beat them, they did not worry and let time pass.

Today, Rubio has won two stages in the top flight. He prevailed this year in the United Arab Emirates Tour now he won in the Giro, in the same goal in which his compatriot and countryman, Mauricio Soler, won in the Tour of Switzerland, days before the accident that took him out of cycling and in which he almost lost his life in 2011.


Name: Einer Rubio
Date of birth: February 22, 1998
Age: 25 years
Team: Movistar
Runner type: climber
Main results:
2017: 26 Giro Ciclistico d’Italia / 29 Giro Ciclistico della Valle d’Aosta Mont Blanc
2018: 25 Giro Ciclístico d’Italia, one stage / 8 Giro del Medio Brenta / 4 Giro Ciclistico della Valle d’Aosta Mont Blanc / Champion GP Capodarco – Comunità di Capodarco / 4 Giro della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
2019: 65 Tour of Colombia / 4 Tr. Città di S. Vendemiano – 59° Industry GP / 6 Giro del Belvedere / 2 Giro Ciclistico d’Italia, one stage / 4 Giro del Medio Brenta / Tour de L’Avenir withdrawal / 6 Il Piccolo Lombardia
2020: 77 Tour Colombia / 35 Milano Torino / 31 Giro de Piemonte / 60 Giro de Lombardía / 12 Coppi Bartali.
2021: 44 Coppi Bartali / 86 Basque Country / 5 Tour of Asturias / 39 Tour of Italy / 7 Tour of Burgos / 23 Tour of Poland / 17 Marco Pantani / 44 Tour of Sicily / 49 Milano Torino.
2022: 27 Route of the Sun / 72 Tirreno-Adriatico / 13 Tour of the Alps / 10 Tour of Romandie / 4 Giro della Toscana / 39 Giro dell’Emilia / 5 Tour of Langkawi.
2023: 4 Tour of San Juan / 13 UAE Tour, one stage / 13 Tour of Catalonia / 2 Tour of Asturias.
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