Holy Week is a date marked by the consumption of fish, used by Catholics as an alternative to meat, which these days is considered unclean under the Judeo-Christian tradition. Is the fish in the country enough for this demand?

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, for this season of the Greater Week buying and selling around 28.00 is expected. to 30,000 tons of fish, which could be too much for current supply.

In this sense, the authorities have said that they work together with the National Aquaculture and Fisheries Authority (Aunap) to guarantee the existence of enough fish for the religious day.

The idea is to strengthen the traders of river, sea and crop species, so that they can satisfy consumer demand, as well as encourage the purchase of these products.

However, hand in hand with reinforcement is the inspection and surveillance carried out by the authorities to Verify that the fish meet the necessary size to allow their reproduction.

In that, Aunap has led training spaces on fishing, good livestock practices and equipment for the commercialization of fish, in addition to the sense of repopulation of native species to guarantee the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Throughout the year, but with special emphasis on this season, the species with the greatest demand in the market are the bocachico, the gilthead bream, the blanquillo and the cachama. In some parts of the country, a lot of mojarra and trout are also consumed.

According to leaders of the Corabastos wholesale market, in Bogotá, for the Easter season The capital expanded its reserves to 800 tons of sea, river and farmed fish, hoping that it will be enough for distribution and sale.

The species that are also frequently consumed and marketed during this religious week in Bogotá are red mojarra, tilapia, cachama and trout, from Huila, Meta, Tolima, Antioquia, Cundinamarca itself and Boyacá.


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