The investigating judge has agreed to imprison Brazilian footballer Dani Alves without bail, accused of a crime of sexual assault, for allegedly raping a woman in a private bathroom at a Barcelona nightclub on the night of December 30.

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As reported by legal sources, according to the criteria of the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution filed by the complainant, the head of the investigating court number 15 of Barcelona has decreed unconditional imprisonment for the footballer, considering that presents a high risk of flight, given their economic capacities and that they reside outside of Spain.

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The Spanish media reported this Saturday that the Brazilian spent his first night in the Brians 1 prison, along with others accused of various crimes.

What is known is that the complainant declared first. The 23-year-old told what happened that night and then Alves invited her to the VIP area, followed her to one of the bathrooms, where she presumably slapped him and raped her.

in the dungeon

Alves was led from a dungeon to the room of the justice citywhere he was questioned by the magistrate of the Investigating Court number 15 of Barcelona.

Once he declared, he returned to the dungeon, while the authorities continued to investigate. It is noted that the judge «not only took into account the credibility of the woman who was sexually assaultedbut he also thought that his words have been corroborated by other investigative procedures, such as the forensic reports, fingerprints, security cameras and the statements of the discotheque staff”, says El Periódico.

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And he added: “Sources consulted assure that the athlete entered into contradictions during his interrogation in the courts and at the Mossos police station, who arrested him early in the morning after being summoned to testify. Alves, who had denied any encounter with the young woman in a video sent to Antena 3 two weeks ago, this Friday has changed his version and has ensured that the relations were consented”.
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