The comprehensive salary It is the one that professionals with a high work profile receive and who are considered trusted collaborators of a company, since they are those who are available when they need it and, therefore, their payment remunerates not only their work, but also compensates other values.

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As explained by the Substantive Labor Code (CST), in addition to the ordinary salary, “the value of benefits, surcharges and benefits such as that corresponding to night work, extraordinary work or Sunday and holidays, legal, extra-legal premiums must be paid in advance. , layoffs and their interests, subsidies and supplies in kind; and, in general, those that are included in said stipulation, except vacations”.

the comprehensive salary for 2023 was 15,080,000 Colombian pesos.


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The CST also specifies that this salary cannot be less than 10 monthly minimum wages, plus 30% of the benefit factor. That is to say, the integral salary of 2023 was 15,080,000 pesos Colombians (11,600,000 + 3,480,000).

This taking into account that the minimum wage for 2023 increased by 16%, reaching a value of 1,160,000 Colombian pesos, while the transportation subsidy increased by 20% to reach 140,606 pesos.

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It should be remembered that a full salary is characterized because whoever earns it does not receive the transport subsidy and must pay its compensation and withholding at source, as well as their layoffs must be recorded.

«The worker who wishes to take advantage of this stipulation, will receive the final liquidation of his severance pay and other social benefits caused up to that date, without this meaning that his employment contract is terminated,» reads article 132 of the CST.


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