It is one thing to believe that it is possible, to want that it is possible, to get rid of your fears and paint your face the color of hope, as the optimist Diego Torres sings. It is one thing to know that there is a serious team that has players in Spain and Brazil, that it is not one-armed or lame, that it has to stand up and not be embarrassed.

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Because another thing is that success as Colombian as cane brandy, cane from my valleys and anise from my mountains, as the bambuco sings. Success with which fans and critics surround the Women’s Soccer Team that this Monday debuts in the senior world championships. Perhaps this is because of the runner-up last year in the Copa América in which the National Team was local, and because of the U-17 world subtitle achieved 9 months ago.

mentality and attitude

Colombia women’s team and Linda Caicedo.

It is one thing to have the mentality and attitude to face the tournament without feeling lesser and with the security of giving everything. Another thing is to believe that you have to be a world champion As they believed and asked for with the Men’s National Team in an act of ignorance and arrogance! Colombia is not a favorite. It’s in for a surprise.

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Let’s be clear: according to the bookmakers mentioned in several European press articles, there are three big favorites:

United States (3.5 to 1 favoritism), England (5 to 1) and Spain (6 to 1). And these three are followed by these three: Germany (8-1, which is Colombia’s rival in Group H), Australia (10-1) and France (10.5-1).

Not even Brazil appears, which is the absolute queen of women’s soccer in South America. Go see!

Colombia women’s team.

Recent data: in the last five friendlies, Colombia was beaten by France (5-2) and fell against Italy, who missed many options (2-1); tied against Panama (1-1) and China (2-2). They only beat Panama (0-2).

Let’s be clear: if you make it to the second round, it’s to congratulate yourself, acknowledge the good work, and come back saying, «Mission accomplished.»

Catalina Usme (center) celebrates with her teammates after scoring a goal against Chile during the Copa América Conmebol 2022.

If the team plays the fifth game, that is, it qualifies for the quarterfinals as the men did in Brazil 2014, well, obviously, they will have to open the champagne, shoot flyers and send the fire engine to shine. It is the goal that the players have counted in their statements.

I spoke to a colleague last week. As right at this moment it occurs to me to use our talk for this column, well I do not mention it. I didn’t ask permission to name it. However, words more, words less, very seriously he told me that even if this team loses every game “I had already complied” and that no player could be “loaded with pressure”.

I differ: the team has to try with all its effort to go to the second round, the real goal, and players like Linda Caicedo and Leicy Santos, first, and Daniela Montoya, later, have the responsibility of taking there. Defense is not the strongest line.

One thing is the heart of the fan who feels that his team is always there to be champion. That is the natural essence of the fanatic. Another thing is to sell demagogic illusions under the guise of mentality.

The adventure of Colombia begins in the Women’s World Cup. Hopefully it’s as long as possible. If the National Team plays four games, it will be fine. Let’s do it.


Editor of EL TIEMPO

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