Catalina Usme and Linda Caicedo guided Colombia to its first victory at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The 2-0 against South Korea is only the second victory in history, but it leaves good feelings for the future.

On Sunday at 4:30 in the morning, Colombian time, the National Team led by Nelson Abadía will play its second game, against a difficult rival, the two-time world champion, Germany, who has just beaten Morocco 6-0.

This was the individual balance of Colombia in its World Cup debut

Catherine Perez: He had two key saves in the first half, especially a header in stoppage time that wasn’t easy. He ratified why he earned the first baseman job. seven points.

Carolina Arias: Since Korea attacked her little, Sez took the lead and played almost as a midfielder. And she did very well. She is very precise in delivering the ball and very collaborative when the team turned to attack. seven points.

Daniela Arias: suffered at the beginning with the frontal pitch from the Koreans, but in general she complied. six points.

Jorelyn Carabalí: she also had a good game and always supported Carolina Arias when she gained a few meters. six points.

Manuela Vanegas: after a yellow very early, she adjusted and was one of the team’s figures. Impassable when the Koreans tried to attack and with a lot of power to go on the attack. She is more and more adapted to the full-back position. seven points.

Daniela Montoya: always a fighter and supportive, support for the entire team. She ran the entire court, with order and leadership. She left everything on the court and was substituted to refresh the middle of the court. seven points.

Lorena Bedoya: silent and sacrificial work to help her teammates and to maintain order in the middle of the field. six points.

Linda Caicedo: started on the right and didn’t look much. When she passed to the left, it was the headache of the Koreans. She scored her first goal in the Senior World Cup. eight points.

Leicy Santos: She wasn’t as flashy as on other occasions, but when the ball had to be handled, she responded. She shows the experience of so many years at Atlético de Madrid. six points.

Catalina Usme: she played freely all over the field, she was everyone’s society, she scored the first goal of the game from a penalty and continues to make history with the National Team: she reached 51 goals with the senior team, a figure that is unattainable for her teammates for now. eight points.

Catalina Usme stats against South Korea.

Mayra Ramirez: played late, with great tactical work and sacrifice. He lacked the goal for a round afternoon: he had two options, a header that went wide and a shot from outside the area in stoppage time. seven points.

The changes of Colombia

Marcela Restrepo: replaced Santos (31 ST). With his entry, Colombia adjusted marks in the middle and maintained control of the game. Unrated.

Diana Carolina Ospina: entered through Montoya (Calle 42). It was one of the changes to update the midfield. With that, she has been present in all three of Colombia’s participations in the World Cup and has perfect attendance: she played all the team’s matches in the Senior World Cup. Unrated.

Jose Orlando Ascencio

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