The controversy continues over the friendly match that could not be finished on Friday between Colombia and Irelandin the preparation of both teams for the Women’s World Cup that starts on July 20.

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The game was only played for 23 minutes after there was an action in which the midfielder was injured Denise O’SullivanEuropean team figure and Brighton & Hove player.

The Irish withdrew from the game citing «extremely rough» play. The controversy did not stop there. Colombia defended itself and from the Football Federation said that they complied with fair play.

But then the player Daniela Caracas made offensive comments towards her rivals, whom she called «girls».

The Irish press will reveal the details of the tense atmosphere that would have forced the suspension of the commitment.

Colombians, civil servants and athletes, appear as the greats pointed out in the European media.

According to the Irish journalist Gavin Cummiskeywho is in Brisbane and posted an interview with the European team’s star Denise O’Sullivan today, the chaos would have started before the ball rolled.

According to the reporter, from ‘The Irish Times’, «the Irish media did not see the game as they were canceled by the Colombian federation. The general mood before the game was irritable, with heated exchanges between Irish and Colombian officials before before the teams arrived, as the only spectators allowed on the pitch were the local children and the Ireland coach’s husband, former Dutch women’s coach Bert van Lingen.»

Before the medical attention, the journalist present in Australia revealed, two yellow cards had been issued to the Colombian players, whose identity is still unknown.

Former Colombian player and now commentator Nicole Regnier assured on ‘ESPN’ that the foul against O’Sullivan was committed by Lorena Bedoya. In addition, Regnier said, the Colombian coach, Nelson Abadía, would have been the one who decided that his players would retire, at the insistence of the Irish that the game not continue.

The video of the truth

What really caused so much controversy? The video that shows the exact action of the controversy circulates on social networks.

It is a play on a split ball in which the player O’Sullivan is hit on her left leg.

That action, which is finally seen on video, since the match was behind closed doors, was the one that led to Ireland’s complaint and subsequent withdrawal.


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