Nothing changes, everything is the same, everything repeats itself. For example, the injured person either wasn’t injured or was already recovered and then he gets injured again and, then, we all scream indignantly. From supposition and disappointment, words like Clowns! Corrupt! Incapable! Improvisation! Inadmissible! Unheard of!and as by order of an inquisitor, doctors, technicians, players and managers are sent to the gallows.

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Juan Fernando Quintero he could not play with Junior and traveled to Korea and Japan to be in the Colombian National Team. He trained there, felt the pain again, did not play against South Korea and finally, after new tests, he was withdrawn from the national team before the duel this Tuesday against Japan for a stress fracture in the tibia, for a disability of at least one month.

Juan Fernando Quintero, in training with the National Team in South Korea.


Colombian Soccer Federation

Dr. Carlos Francisco Fernández, editor of Salud and medical advisor for EL TIEMPO, told me: «These fractures are difficult to detect right away because they start with pain, sometimes inflammation or discomfort that increases with activity.» I think that was what happened from Barranquilla to Seoul.

In the midst of this diagnostic difficulty, fans, fan journalists and demagogue journalists cut off all the heads: that Junior’s doctor is bad, that Quintero is irresponsible, that the doctors of the National Team are worse, that the national coach is superb and that the managers are perverse…

I wish life were that easy: black or white, yes or no, right or wrong…

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James celebrates the goal against Korea.

Nothing changes, everything is the same, everything repeats itself. already happened with James Rodriguez in a call for a qualifying game against Paraguay, in Asunción, in October 2016, because it was not known if Real Madrid was exaggerating, and in the World Cup in Russia. Before the World Cup he had a leg injury (as if for a change), he recovered, played a part in the first game against Japan, was the huge figure in the 3-0 defeat of Poland (the last great game for the National Team!) and got injured from the other leg to face Senegal and bye…

Once again, the then National Team doctor was a brick; the coach, a trickster, and the managers, pimps.

Juan Fernando Quintero leaves the field after Junior’s defeat against Envigado.


Jairo Cassiani. Chronos

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I am convinced that the National Team is the priority, that it is above any team in the local League and that it must always enforce the mandatory times that Fifa gives it.

It’s easy to talk to the Monday newspaper (this is a Monday newspaper, ha!), a soccer way of saying that you have an opinion on well-known facts. That is why there is no science to pontificate about whether Quintero was injured, then why he went to the National Team, or why the Junior’s doctor He didn’t catch the injury, or why they put him on a 60-hour plane, or why he didn’t leave him alone for Junior…

I remain with the uncontaminated idea of ​​Dr. Fernandez: it was a difficult lesion to detect, and for that reason, I insist, what happened happened. And since nothing changes, everything is the same and everything repeats itself, I maintain that the priority is the Selection and that is why she herself must make sure with her doctors when there is no clarity on a matter, as happened and will happen with James (it is certain …), and as happened now with Quintero.

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