Is named Oscar Cortes and he is a goalscorer, or at least he wanted the country to know him and recognize him as a goalscorer, or at least to learn his name. He wanted to get into the collective memory. And he does it as it should, with goals. A powerful crossed shot, and a header with no less fury, the strength of the scorer of the first victory of the Colombia sub-20 team in the South American, against Peru, 2-1. His name is Oscar Cortés. And he has a goal.

Colombia, with several changes after its draw with Paraguayan, It begins with the same nebulae from his first game. He again entered the field without clarity, without lights. He once again owned the ball, but it was a false, useless domain. Again the tip, this time Zuleta, played anonymously. Again the goal was elusive. The big difference is that Cortés was in the headline, secretly conversing with the goal.

Peru, which attacked little or nothing, launched its first attack and it was lethal, because Colombia helped it a lot. It was a long kick from the goalkeeper, the ball fell like a grenade that nobody wanted to touch, everyone fled from it, it was a grenade that also bounced and manifested panic and a chain of defensive errors, changed marks, poorly made marks, neither Pedrozo nor Mantilla hit the mark, and the Peruvian Ceballos played in the area so that dieter vasquez He will enter through the center and score 1-0, easy, because not even the goalkeeper dared to get in the way. They were 37 minutes.

Colombia, once again, started losing, and again it was their turn to see how they were going to react. Cortés was not yet who he wanted to be.

Door, the guide

Gustavo Puerta, captain and figure of Colombia.

The good thing was that this time Colombia did not wait until the break to wake up. Before finishing the first part, the player appeared from the shadows. Gustavo Gate, That like a truck sped off its own ground, lighting the way with tractor-like power. The Peruvians barely saw it go by, like a gust. And when Puerta was already reaching the area, he released the subtle pass to his right where Cortés yelled at him for the pass, like someone who promises he won’t miss. The attacker, who plays in millionaires, They released a bombing from the right, one of those crossed bombings that carry dynamite and that are invented with a squad. The ball went well at an angle, and goal, 1-1. And Cortés celebrated with the same fury with which he kicked. A happy fury.

Colombia went to rest with one weight less. She didn’t win, but she didn’t lose anymore. The task was to go out and maintain control, but effective. And he did it, with Luna wide open to the left, and Cortés well to the right, planning something else, and with Monsalve gestating in the center.

Courteous, goalscorer

Óscar Cortés, Colombian goalscorer.

The first great opportunity in the final part was from one who entered to reinforce the attack, Cabezas, who missed the tie with a defective shot.

Monsalve he was enthusiastic, and with his skill he destroyed the Peruvian defense, which broke down, and also tried Moon on a good free kick. But the goal of the Colombian victory did not arrive.

However, this would not be another tie game, nor bittersweet, this would not be to regret. The goal was hanging around, looming, threatening to descend onto the field as if from the clouds, and Cortés was waiting for him with open arms.

It was from a corner kick from Puerta, who in addition to leading and recovering, also charges perfectly, and in the area Cortés rose above everyone, the inspired one, the scorer who wanted to be a scorer, who no longer wanted to wait but go until to heaven for the ball, to hit a powerful header, and inside, 2-1, in 74 minutes.

Cortés was the hero, the scorer that is beginning to sound, so they are not forgotten.

And so, Colombia was shaken, spoiled their first South American win, reached 4 points, led group A. Their next rival will be Brazil. Cortés is already rubbing his hands for that duel.

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