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Caught the K-drama bug? Then you’ll probably want to dive into the full library of Korean content on Netflix, but as you know, browsing Netflix can sometimes be a chore, so here are some tips on how to navigate Netflix’s collection of Korean content.

We’ve cataloged over 3,000 of these category codes into the so-called «Netflix Code Bible», which covers all sorts of different movie and TV genres that unlock the entire Netflix library of 6,000+.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of all the Netflix-specific category codes related to Netflix’s Korean library.

Sort Netflix by Korean Language

Probably the most effective way to check Netflix Korean programming is to use the new language filters available on the Netflix website version.

You’ll find a «Search by Languages» tab at the top of the Netflix website. Select «Original Language» in the first box on that page and «Korean» in the second box.

Alternatively, you can click to see the full list here.

This will provide you with the complete list of Korean movies and series on Netflix.

netflix sort by korean language

Sort Netflix by language

Additionally, for those in the United States, you can also find a complete breakdown of all the Korean-language content on Netflix via our library page.

Category Codes for Korean Content on Netflix

Now let’s go over some of the major category codes of the Korean language.

To use these codes, type them into the Netflix search bar on your device (either a mobile phone or a smart TV) or use the following URL in your web browser:

“https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/CATEGORY CODE”

Main Category Codes for K-Dramas

Squid game Netflix Originals unlikely to return to Netflix in 2022

Squid Game – Picture: Netflix

Let’s start with the top K-Drama Category Codes that return most titles and will help you get started on your K-Drama rabbit hole.

We especially recommend the «for beginners» category code if you are still relatively new to the genre.

Additional list of Korean category codes

Please note: all of these categories yielded at least one title on Netflix in the UK; results for other regions may vary.

Netflix Category Name category code
Cerebral Korean Movies 69250
Critically Acclaimed Korean Dramas 74382
Critically Acclaimed Korean Movies 27403
dark korean dramas 69520
Dark Korean Movies 25205
Dark Korean Revenge Movies 76779
korean dark thrillers 71997
Emotional Korean Dramas 69744
Emotional Korean Movies 67099
Emotional Korean TV Dramas 76730
Emotional Korean TV Shows 76533
Exciting Korean Movies 22750
exciting korean tv shows 76591
Korean Feel Good Movies 89573
dumb korean movies 74216
gory korean movies 49608
Crude Korean Crime Movies 47750
raw korean movies 24533
candid korean dramas 82219
Candid Korean Movies 76181
korean comedies 6626
Korean crime comedies 77361
Korean crime dramas 5101
Korean crime movies 7210
Korean crime thrillers 434
korean animation 1462059
Korean Documentaries 63204
korean dramas 1989
Korean Friendship TV Dramas 1529659
Korean dramas based on real life 88762
Korean horror movies 6968
Korean military movies 90307
korean movies 5685
korean mysteries 78665
korean revenge movies 19409
Korean science fiction and fantasy 859
korean thrillers 11283
Korean TV Comedies 88860
Korean TV dramas 68699
korean tv shows 67879
Korean romantic dramas 16935
romantic korean movies 16890
Romantic Korean TV Dramas 73705
Romantic Korean TV Shows 73567
sexy korean dramas 72998
violent korean movies 25442
Visually Stunning Korean Movies 35193

Lastly, stay tuned to our next Netflix hub for monthly roundups of all the new Korean content on Netflix.