Carlos Bacca spoke of the possibility of Juan Cuadrado to Junior – Colombian Soccer – Sports

Before he Junior announced it and several journalists took credit for the news, Carlos Bacca, attacker and a benchmark for the club, was the first to break the news that Juan Fernando Quintero He arranged the terms to reach the Barranquillero team.

«With the doors open, brother,» Bacca wrote on his Twitter account, with a photograph of a video call on WhatsApp with Quintero. And later he did a live broadcast with his new partner, to which he joined Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Juventus player, who said in the comments: «Talk to Char, I’m leaving too.»

Bacca threw the first ball of the match between Barranquilla alligators Y monteria cowboys this Friday, in the third game of the semifinal series of Colombian professional baseball, and there they spoke with journalists about the details of Quintero’s hiring.

“After the match against Mannucci, Juanfer called me and told me that things hadn’t worked out, that he was sad, but that life went on and that he hoped that God would give him the opportunity. Then everything was seen on the networks, this morning I was with the family and Juanfer’s call came in, he told me that he had arranged it, ”Bacca told José Hugo Illera, from Win Sports.

Bacca did not hide his joy at having a player of the quality of Quintero in Junior. “As a footballer we are going to enjoy it at the Metropolitano, a great one like Juanfer is coming to contribute. We know the effort of the Char family and that of Juanfer, feelings moved him more than money: he does not come for money, he comes for the desire to return to Colombian soccer, ”he explained.

And if Juan Guillermo Cuadrado also arrives at Junior?

Already in contact with other media, Bacca was asked about the possibility of other National Team players arriving, regarding Cuadrado’s phrase. “The doors are open here. We are talking with the bosses and if they want to come, they do all the ways to do it. The important thing is that they want to come, just like Juanfer had, ”he insisted.

“When I have been in the National Team I have been able to share with them, we have a beautiful friendship, today a great player was seen and arrives who contributes. If Falcao, Muriel, James, Cuadrado want to come, the bosses make the effort and bring themselves, ”he concluded.


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