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He housing and construction sector Colombiato He has not had a very easy 2023, due to the constant casualties he has suffered.

This has not discriminated against any part of the country and the case of Bogota has not been the exception. Nevertheless, In this area of ​​the center of the country there has been an increase in the demand for home purchase despite the 57% contraction in sales in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

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He stated so Edwin Chivirí, manager of Camacol Bogotá and Cundinamarcain an interview with EL TIEMPO, mentioning that the demand factor has shown significant resilience, which allows the sector to project a second semester with better sales.

The executive said that from Camacol they have «three expectations. The first is that we expect housing searches and household interest in buying a home to increase by 30% in the rest of the year. The second thing that we have as an expectation is that hopefully with what we expect in the second half of the year we can exceed 50,000 housing units sold in Bogotá, which is a lower number than last year, but surely it would be higher than 2019.«.

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Chiriví said that, at present, Bogotá has more than 40,000 residential properties available for saleof which 27,058 are social interest homes (VIS), with a price below 175 minimum wages, in addition to 13,500 non-VIS homes.

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According to the executive, there have been reductions in initiatives and launches. Camacol figures show that In Bogotá, 15,345 homes were launched between January and July 2023while in 2022 there were 28,160.

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«When one compares with the years prior to the pandemic, the current sales volumes are indeed low, because we come from two exceptional years, but if we even compare it with 2020 and 2019, the numbers are very close. What happened in 2021 and 2022 is that they were years in which interest rates were exceptionally lowChirivi added.

One of the representations of this situation has been the falls in home sales in the country’s capital. According to Camacol, in the first half of last year, 31,096 homes were sold, while at the end of the same period in 2023, the figure was 15,762 units, that is, a reduction of 49%.

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«What we believe and what we are seeing is that in the first half of the year we bottomed out in the market with macro and subsidy conditions. But the search and purchase intention of homes that warned us of a favorable rebound in the second half«added Chivirí for EL TIEMPO.

According to data provided by the manager, in the city they are getting ahead»531 projects, which are more or less 6.7 million square meters. If we went by the number of projects, they would be Usaquén, Suba, Chapinero, Fontibón and Barrios Unidos.«.

With the purpose of revitalizing the construction sector, strengthening its commercial force, analyzing the future of housing in Colombia and exploring new lines of business, the National Sales Meeting, a strategic space that will take place in Santa Marta on August 17 and 18.

This event will feature expert panelists such as Guillermo Herrera, president of the Colombian Chamber of Construction (Camacol); Catherine Londono; Carlos Andres Gomez; Mauricio Parrado; Jorge Arango Noguera; Juliana Vega; Mauricio Duarte; Ernesto Villamizar and Sandra Cardona, among others.

The academic agenda will address thematic axes such as analysis of construction figures to find out key data and indicators that will improve an overview of the health and growth of the industry, including construction spending, the real estate market and investment in infrastructure; current trends such as sustainability, digitization, modular construction, energy efficiency and the circular economy; the future of construction to understand where the sector is headed and the long-term outlook; new lines of business and growth opportunities in order to identify promising and emerging areas for diversification and expansion of housing businesses; from storytelling to storydoing; The biology of happiness applied to the business process and customer experience.

The National Sales Meeting will be at the Hotel Irotama in the capital of Magdalena. Those interested can register and obtain more information on the Eventos – Camacol website or contact the telephone number 3222705844 and email