Very sad was the last goodbye of the cyclist Ana Maria Bustamantewho had last week, three months after being hit by a mixer south of Bogota.

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On Saturday, in Jardines dehe heyday, thousands of cyclists accompanied her family to say goodbye to Ana María, who fought for her life.

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The family of the 24-year-old girl assured that her death occurred on the night of this Wednesday, May 3, after she had to be treated as an emergency in the penultimate week of April in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)), due to an aggravation after reconstruction surgery.

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Around 8:20 in the morning on Wednesday, February 8, the young cyclist was traveling through the streets of the neighborhood the tunnel and it was said to the part of the Hill of San Carlos.

From one moment to the next, a mixer that passed by the place rammed her, took her ahead and caused her serious injuries.

She didn’t realize what was happening. She felt severe pain and found herself on the floor. Her bicycle was smashed to pieces and her health was not the best.

She was urgently transferred in an ambulance and, after the first tests, the doctors decided to amputate her right leg.

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Then, the problem was the abdominal wall, which disappeared due to the strong blow, so the rider appeared all that time with that part of her body open and in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the San José Hospital.

Cycling continues to mourn the death of Ana Maria.

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