Alianza Petrolera, the sensation team of home run A of Liga BetPlay 2023-I, He faced Deportivo Pasto at the Daniel Villa Zapata stadium on date 4 of that area. In the end, the game ended 1-0 for the locals, who continue to dream of the grand final.

The game itself was very even, where the still ball and mid-distance shots ended up being protagonists in those first minutes of play.

alliance dreams

However, as the minutes passed, the one who looked the best on the field was Alianza Petrolera, who in general has been a good local in the last four games and the intensity of those led by Hubert Bodhert gradually increased.

Luis Angulo in Alianza Petrolera was the one who will end up disturbing Diego Martínez’s goal a little more, but he did not have good fortune in the face of the definition.

Already towards the end of the first half, Pasto started to cheer up and showed a good opportunity through Adrián Estacio, who finished off from the outside with a strong shot, but José Chunga was well placed to evacuate that difficult ball.

For the second half, not much changed compared to the initial part and there were no clear occasions that gave anyone the advantage in Barrancabermeja.

The match continued its course and became very tactical, as no one wanted to give advantages on this important day. However, the actions were few, but with 20 minutes remaining Alianza finally scored the first goal of the night that seemed to be very cold in arrivals.

leonardo saldana He appeared in the 71st minute to define well the right side of goalkeeper Diego Martínez and took advantage of the assistance of Argentine Pablo Bueno to score the 1-0 that left them at that moment with first place in homer A.

From there, Pasto had to leave and left spaces in defense, so Alianza Petrolera began to reach the Nariño goal more clearly. However, they failed to increase their difference and end up holding their minimal advantage.

In the end, Alianza Petrolera managed to win 1-0 and reached 8 points in home run A, a result that allows them to reach the lead and continue dreaming of the final. He won the place to Atlético Nacional by goal difference of plus 3, while the green was left with plus 2.

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