Colombian soccer faces a new scandal, this time, for an alleged match-fixing, in which players from Boca Juniors de Cali, a team that plays in the promotion tournament, will be the protagonists.

Alejandro Guerrero, Boca’s coach, made the complaint at the press conference after the game he lost this Saturday against Deportes Quindío (1-2), a result that left the club from Cali in the penultimate place in the standings.

Boca technician says that alleged arrangements would come from 2018

“There are situations that have arisen this semester, it is to uncover everything. A statement has been sent to the managers by Dimayor and the Federation stating that there are situations that have arisen since 2018. What is being presented, that the matches have been rigged. In that letter they announce that they are coming to investigate the entire management body, the coaching staff and the players,” said Guerrero, who has been in charge of the team since December of that year, when he was still playing as a Universitario de Popayán.

Boca Juniors de Cali closed the B tournament with a defeat against Quindío.



Guerrero was disappointed by what happened and disassociated himself from the alleged fixing. “I think you can be the baddest manager in the world, but we can no longer control the match-fixing situation as coaches. I am not making anything up, you can contact the team president, Alexander Otero Polanco: he can tell you the same thing, that they are non-soccer things and that they have played against the coaching staff and in this case mine, ”he said.

«I can be the worst coach in the world, because I don’t have the technical-tactical capacity to solve matches, but I can’t control what was evident on the part of some players,» added the coach.

alexander warriorAlejandro Guerrero, coach of Boca Juniors de Cali, denounces match fixing.

On the evidence of the alleged match-fixing, Guerrero declared: «You have to ask the Federation and Dimayor, they are the entities investigating that uncontrollable situations have arisen.»

Guerrero hinted that there is already a footballer punished. Neither Dimayor nor the Federation have announced anything about it. “I understand that a sanction came for a player who was with us last year, they sanctioned him for two years. We have been in charge of the team since 2019 and I understand that this has been manifesting since 2018, the president told us this in the dressing room four games ago, ”he assured.

The last one punished for match-fixing in Colombia

Francisco Navas, Quindío player involved in an attempt to fix the results.

The last precedent of a sanction for match-fixing in Colombian soccer was in 2017, when Francisco Javier Navas, then a Deportes Quindío player, was suspended for two years.

Boca Juniors de Cali completed this Saturday 13 games without winning in the promotion tournament. Since he started playing in B, in mid-2019, with the record that Universitario de Popayán had, he never qualified for home runs.


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