Alberto Gamero regretted that Millonarios had not scored the goal after drawing with Pasto – Colombian Soccer – Sports

The first match between Millonarios and Deportivo Pasto ended at the Libertad stadium with a score of 0-0. after meeting on the first day of the League. BetPlay.

The blue team came out to face this new League with news, such as the approach with a line of five defenders, with three central defenders: Vargas, Llinás and Arias. Pasto, aware that this was a new scheme in Millostried to attack and take advantage.

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In this regard, Gamero said that “today was serious and solid work” and that he had been surprised by the possession of the ball that the team had during the 90 minutes.

However, the technical director regretted that the ambassador team had had two chances to gohim, but they have not materialized.

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«If with a structure you play well on the pitch, with all the structures you must play well»Gamero declared when referring to the alignment strategy they needed for this commitment.

The technical director said that the ambassador club failed to score the goal, no matter how much they looked for it, but that Deportivo Pasto’s game revealed that it is a strong team and that they knew how to take advantage of the possible gaps in Millionaires.

«This is a tie that leaves us adding, but that also helps us to correct», pointed out the technical ambassador.

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