‘Al Margin’: Penélope Cruz’s film will debut on SVOD on Netflix

On the Margin – Image: Vertigo Cine

Netflix will be the new home for SVOD streaming of the Spanish-Belgian crime thriller by Penélope Cruz on the fringe which was released in select theaters in 2022. The film hits Netflix in the US (other regions will vary) on March 29, 2023.

The movie, called in the margins In the Spanish regions, see intertwining stories of three people struggling with tough economic conditions told over the course of 24 hours. Everyone finds that love and solidarity can be their last resort for their right to a dignified life.

Penelope Cruz he is the most recognizable name for most English-speaking audiences, but he stars alongside Luis Tosar, Adelfa Calvo, Christian Checa, Juan Diego Botto, Aixa Villagrán and Font García.

Juan Diego Boto he is the writer-director behind the film and is perhaps best known for his acting roles, including in 2021 the suicide squad by director James Gunn and 1996 the celestine. This is his first big directing project, but he was involved with 2020. tales of confinement.

penelope cruz on the sidelines movie netflix

Photo: Vertigo Cinema

The film had its theatrical release in Spain in late 2022 before making its way to Prime Video in the region and has received mostly positive reviews. He currently wears a 6.7/10 on IMDb from the time of publication.

Alicia Population, by The Furies Magazinesaid the movie reminded him sorry we miss you (2019) by Ken Loach and ultimately praised the real-world issues that the film seeks to illuminate, saying:

on the fringe It is a hard film that is necessary to become aware of the world in which we live and understand that we do have to take sides and that neutrality is no longer valid here”.

Translated to English

If you’ve been active in movie news recently, you’ll know that Penelope Cruz was among the names attached to the now-shelfed Netflix project Paris Paramount. Cruz has also appeared in the Netflix Original Movie. wasp net.

This is one of the last major movies to be released on Netflix throughout March 2023, with others still to come from Netflix. murder mystery 2 and licensed titles such as Diary of a crazy black woman and I see you.

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