airlines like Avianca, Latam, SKY and Arajet began offering seats and flights to travelers affected by the sudden suspension of the Viva Air last Monday afternoon.

Avianca will close this Tuesday, February 28 and Wednesday, March 1, its sales on routes within Colombia dwhere it is required to rearrange Viva passengers.

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It should be remembered that Viva Air has been going through a deep crisis for several years and, furthermore, the authorities have not ruled on the process of integrating this airline with Avianca.

But what is each airline offering to affected passengers? we tell them

Avianca will close ticket sales

This airline launched a comprehensive protection plan that includes additional capacity and temporary closure of sales.

According to an official statement, Avianca «will operate additional flights on the routes that will connect Bogotá with Medellín, San Andrés and Buenos Aires. Likewise, it will operate some of its flights in larger aircraft on the Bogotá-Lima and Bogotá-Buenos Aires routes.»

In addition, it announced that it will have more seats available and will close its sales today and tomorrow on routes within Colombia where Viva passengers need to be rearranged.

«In order to help Viva passengers comply with their flight plans and reach their destinations as soon as possible, Avianca announces as of today increased flights on the routes that connect Bogotá with Medellín, San Andrés and Buenos Aires, with an offer of 4,000 more seats in these operations,» the airline said in a statement.

Latam will have three more planes due to the Viva crisis

Given the crisis generated by the cessation of activities of Viva Air, Latam Airlines Colombia «will incorporate in a first phase three Airbus 320 aircraft with a capacity for 176 passengers. Two of them will begin operations on Friday, March 3 and the third will begin operations on March 11. March adding 30,000 seats a week to reinforce connectivity in Colombia and address the effects on passengers due to the temporary suspension of operations of Viva Air».

Latam added that it «works to mobilize additional resources to Colombia in a phase to increase its operation and thus guarantee the connectivity of the country. For this purpose, is fully willing to prioritize the hiring of command and cabin crew, as well as Viva Air maintenance personnel.»

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Finally, this company announced that «it will continue to reaccommodate Viva Air passengers at no cost to the passenger as long as they demonstrate having a valid ticket with Viva. The measure will be extended for passengers with a flight date until March 5. It is It is important to highlight that the re-accommodation will be carried out in the seats available on the flights of the current operation».

Aerojet offers cheaper flights

This low-priced Dominican airline offers passengers affected by the cessation of Viva Air operations and who are destined for the Dominican Republic, a special SMART fare of $19 (plus taxes and fees) to rebook them on the first available flight to Santo Domingo , which is located less than two hours from Punta Cana.

Arajet explained that in order to enjoy this benefit, affected passengers must send their personal data, email, contact telephone number and active reservation in Viva Air before Friday, March 10, to the email to fly with this special rate on the first available flight from the same route and dates of the original reservation.

It should be remembered that Arajet connects through direct flights to Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena and Barranquilla with Santo Domingo.

Did you have a flight abroad with Viva? These are the options of other airlines

Avianca announced that it will operate flights to Lima and Buenos Aires on aircraft with greater capacity on a temporary basis.

In the case of Peru, Avianca will have A320 aircraft that have 60 more seats for some flights, while maintaining its regular operation in the A139 fleet.

As for Argentina, some itineraries will be used in the double-aisle fleet of the Boeing 787 family, which has 70 more seats for a total of 250 passengers.

For its part, the airline SKY announced «a support program in Peru for passengers who have been affected after the suspension of operations of the airline Viva Air».

In a statement, SKY said that «people who will have tickets on Viva Air, with flights between February 28 and March 2, on the Lima-Cusco, Cusco-Lima routes, will be able to access a Protection Plan, consisting of on tickets for SKY flights on the same route, as long as seats are available».

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He added that to carry out this procedure, those affected will probably go to the SKY service counters at the Lima and Cusco airports, present their boarding pass or travel ticket with the Viva Air reservation code for flights on the dates indicated. . After the validation of the documents, they will be given their new SKY boarding pass to confirm their flight.

As we already mentioned, Aerojet, low-price Dominican airlines, offers passengers affected by the cessation of Viva Air operations and whose destination is the Dominican Republic, a special SMART fare of $19 (plus taxes and fees) to relocate them to the first available flight to Santo Domingo, which is located less than two hours from Punta Cana.

For its part, the low-cost Mexican airline Viva Aerobús highlighted that this company and Viva Air «are two completely independent airlines and companies. Therefore, we reiterate that we maintain our operations in Colombia unchanged, a country where it currently offers four routes flying from Bogota to Cancun, Mexico City, Guadalajara and soon to Monterrey, operational services with a fleet of 69 aircraft.»

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