Over the past year or so one major fashion brand has gone through an intense transformation thanks to the bold moves by the Creative Director at the helm. Nicola Formichetti has moulded Diesel into a creative powerhouse and put it back on the map. From new campaigns to collaborations, Formichetti has made his mark with each new creative idea.

His latest piece has me pretty excited because it is in collaborating with one of my favourite creatives, Nick Knight. Formichetti and Knight have teamed up (yet again) to unleash a new fashion/art video for Diesel’s show in Venice (#dieselvenice). The video is a lengthy 16 minutes long and is split up into four parts all alluding to a different aspect of the brand (ie, leather, denim etc). It is presented in a triptych form featuring statuesque bodies as a nod to a traditional Italian painting.

Photo via SHOWstudio

Another interesting aspect of this project is the literal reference to advertising methods. Knight & Formichetti are projecting images onto bodies as to influence or represent a culture and ideologies that are associated with their brand. If you think about it the body is often used as a vessel to metaphorically project onto but in this video the body is stripped down into a blank canvas for diesel to project their branding onto (literally). From heavy metal music, burning churches, nature, and hard core porn it is no mystery why they call Formichetti a creative master. Check out the video on SHOWstudio.



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