Founded in 2012 ADONE Magazine’s mission focuses on discovering and sharing the emergent talents and trends that are defining contemporary visual culture. Like a gallery with digital walls, ADONE curates and exhibits the work of talented artists in all creative fields: design, fashion, art and photography. Each quarterly exhibit explores a theme through regular articles and culminates into a seasonal issue. ADONE explores visions and ideas that are inspiring the creative community.

a-don-e [ah-dohn-eh]

– noun

The Greek god of beauty and desire, Adone is the paragon of youthful radiance. According to ancient myth, Adone was killed by a wild boar before being transformed by his lover, the goddess Aphrodite, and reborn as an anemone flower.


Italian, was a borrowing from the Semitic word adon, meaning “lord”


Editor-in-Chief– Kate Latimer

Managing Editor– Kira Bruce

Founding and Consutling Editor– Gilda Furgiuele